What is the difference between Ceiling, Wall, Trim and Exterior paints?

Tint Ceiling paint is ultra flat and perfect for hiding imperfections that often occur on ceilings. This solution contains less of the fun advanced features of other Tint paints, so is best suited to only ceilings as it easily scuffs in high traffic areas.

Tint Wall paint offers fantastic washability and physical strength while having a smooth finish that is perfect for all interior surfaces. It also has great moisture resistance, therefore is perfect for the bathroom, laundry and tropical-Australia homes. For this reason, we also recommend using it on the ceilings of humid and wet-area spaces such as bathrooms & laundries.

Tint Trim paint is a water-based, interior/exterior paint that contains extra strong resins. It is very tough and perfect for doors, skirting boards, cabinets, furniture, windows as well as anything else that may take a few bumps and knocks. It is also very weather and UV-resistant, while offering a superior locking technology that prevents it from expanding and contracting too much - preventing your windows from gluing shut in summer.

Tint Exterior paint is extra hard-wearing, flexible and repels dirt and dust. It is very UV and salt-resistant, meaning it can stand up against all of Australia’s wild conditions and is perfect for and all exterior vertical broad surfaces.

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