What paint sheen level is best?

The terms low-sheen, semi-gloss and flat refer to the sheen level of the paint. This refers to how much the paint reflects light and how glossy it will then appear. Tint has calculated the perfect sheen levels and paired these with the surface best suited.

Tint Ceiling paint comes in a flat finish = 1% sheen level. This is a flat & matt paint that typically has the least scuff resistance and washability - therefore this isn't suitable for high-traffic areas. However, this is perfect for ceilings as it will hide cracks and imperfections.

Tint Wall paint has a Low-sheen finish = 6% sheen level. This low-sheen wall paint is great for providing extra durability while offering a smooth and professional finish.

Tint Trim paint has a semi-gloss finish = 20-25% sheen level. This glossy paint is ideal for trims, doors and windows as it has more strength and durability. This subtle semi-gloss pairs perfectly with our low sheen Wall & Exterior paint for a modern & clean finish.

Tint Exterior paint also comes in a low-sheen finish = 10% sheen level. It is a slightly higher sheen than our interior Wall paint, but it still has a low-sheen look with fantastic UV resistance and weatherability.

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