What are Tint's VOC levels?

Tint VOC levels fall under two official categories; very low, and low — as defined by APAS (CSIRO’s Australian Paint Approval Scheme).

Tint Ceiling, Wall and Prep Plus paints fall into the category of “very low”, with less than five grams per litre. Trim has less than 36 grams per litre, which is classed as "low”. The agent that helps defend against paint stickiness when applied to doors and window frames accounts for the slight increase. Exterior paint is also classified as “low”, having less than 48 grams per litre. The properties that guard against UV rays account for the slight increase.

“Zero VOC” is not recognised by APAS. However, “very low” is as low as you can certifiably go.

Ceiling: Less than 1g/L

Wall: Less than 1g/L

Prep Plus: Less than 5g/L

Trim: Less than 36g/L

Exterior: Less than 48g/L

At Tint, colourants with zero VOCs are used. Other brands often promote their paint as being low VOC, however, will sneak plenty of VOCs back in when the paint receives its colour. No matter what colour you order from us, your paint will remain super low in VOC as promised.

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