What are some key considerations when selecting a door?

1. Location:

It is important to select the right door for the intended location. Is it external or internal? Is it a new or existing opening?


2. Configuration:

    1. For Entrance Doors, choose from Single Doors, Double Doors, and Doors with Sidelites. Also, consider the glass type – clear or frosted 
    2. For Internal Doors, choose from Single Doors, Double Doors, Barn Door


3. Size:

Measuring up for a new door is easy – follow these steps: 

  • Measure your existing door height, width and thickness.
  • Check that the door frame is square by measuring the door frame diagonally. If the frame is out of square, you may need to order a slightly larger door and trim it to size. 
  • Keep in mind that approximately 3mm clearance is required for the top and sides of the door and 5mm for the bottom., above the floor covering.


4. Style:

The whole feeling and aesthetic appeal can change based on the style of the door chosen.  Create space and open up a room with a contemporary barn door or get the Hamptons to look from front door to back door. Create charm and add natural light with glass panels. Taking the time to select the right doors for your style to ensure a continued look throughout the home.  


5. Finish:

 Doors come in raw form, which means that they can be painted or stained. Thinking about the type of finish you want for your door needs to be considered so that you can select the right door in the right material to give you the best possible finish. 

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