What material/finishes are your doors made from?

Both Hume and Corinthian doors offer two main finishes/materials. They may differ in name the principles remain the same.  



  • SPM – Sliced Pacific Maple is a timber veneer available on all Hume doors available at The Blue Space. The timber finishing makes it ideal for sealing, staining and painting.  It’s important to note that on some of the doors with grooves, raw MDF may be exposed, so when staining, these sections will need to be sealed first. 
  • Duracote / Pre Primed MDF – Duracote is ideal for anyone wishing to paint your door as the door comes already primed.  Most of the interior doors will come In a Duracote finish and can be painted in any colour to fit the interior style.  


  • Raw Timber – These doors some in their raw form and are perfect for sealing, staining, or painting. When applying any type of paint/stain/ sealant to a door, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure the best possible result and not to void the door manufacturer’s warranty
  • Primed – Similar to the Hume Duracote, these doors come pre-primed and ready for painting.  Most interior doors will come pre-primed and can be painted in any colour. 
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