Can I pair any door handle with my door?

Yes, the purchase of a new door gives complete flexibility when it comes to choosing door hardware.  The only restrictions are around the door handle function, which is determined by where the door is being used (i.e. bedroom door may need a passage handle, the front door might require a pull handle with deadbolt.)


Door Handles Explained: 


Entrance Set

Generally used for external doors or high-security situations. They require a key to unlock externally and an option of a key or a snib internally. Typical applications are entrance doors, back doors, garage access, store rooms & sheds.

Dummy Handles 

This is a fixed lever that is used with a door catch or door magnets. Typically used on wardrobe & closet doors, pantries and linen cupboards. Some dummy handles require handing to be specified; this means you choose between left-hand and right-hand handles. 

Passage Handles 

Generally used internally for doors you don’t want to lock. These handles come with the latch. Typical applications are bedrooms, living area’s, laundry & walk in robe’s

Privacy Handles 

Used for internal doors that require locking. They have a snib or push button internally, and an emergency release function externally. Typical situations are bathrooms, powderrooms, master bedroom & office.

Cabinet Handles 

Fixed handles that are used for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, wardrobes and drawers alike. A huge range of finishes, styles and shapes, all very DIY friendly. 

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