What is a toilet waste trap?

A toilet waste trap is used to connect your toilet to your home's sewerage and will either exit your toilet and go through the floor or wall. There are three main plumbing types with a universal option that can either be an S or P trap.

S Trap 

An S trap toilet waste exits through the floor. Most older-style toilets will be an S trap.

P Trap

A P trap toilet waste exits through the wall at the rear of the toilet. All wall-hung toilets are a P trap.

Skew Trap

A Skew trap will also exit through the wall but on the left or right side of the toilet (as opposed to a P trap). Mostly used when plumbing is difficult to conceal in an S or P trap configuration.

Universal Trap

Can either be installed as an S or P trap. Back to the wall or wall-faced toilets are usually universal traps.

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