How do I know which toilet to purchase?

We always recommend checking with your plumber or installer, but here is our simple guide:

How to choose a toilet in Australia. The Blue Space

There are basically two types of water inlets for a standard toilet, with the exception being a behind-the-wall (in-wall) toilet where the water inlet is concealed with the cistern.


Bottom Inlet

A bottom inlet, as the name suggests, goes into the bottom of the cistern and is exposed, so you will see the pipe (copper or flexible) going from the stop cock (valve to shut off the water) into the bottom of the cistern on either the left or right side.

Most cisterns we sell at The Blue Space can be reversed to fit either a left or right inlet, but double-check with the manufacturers' specifications.


Back Entry

Back entry inlets are concealed at the back of the cistern, so if you can't see an exposed pipe (bottom inlet) then pop the lid off your toilet cistern and you should see the water inlet entering into the top of the cistern.


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