What is the best toilet for a small bathroom?

The best toilets for a small bathroom are wall-faced or behind-the-wall toilet suites. 

Wall-faced toilets feature a seamless line between the toilet and wall, these will not only look stunning in your bathroom renovation but also are less bulky in design and save on space. An added bonus is they have fewer holes and curves for dirt and grime to hide so very easy to clean.

Behind the wall, also known as in-wall or concealed toilet suites can make your bathroom renovation stand apart from the rest, while also saving you space. The toilets feature a hidden cistern, either in the wall, in a roof cavity, or under a counter, meaning less space is taken up in your bathroom.

Our top pick for a compact in wall toilet suite is the Caroma Urbane Compact Wall Faced Invisi Series II Toilet. The compact design of this toilet is the perfect solution for small bathrooms or where space is at a premium.

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