What is the difference between vanity tops eg. Acrylic, Dolomite, Caesarstone, Silk Surface, etc?

Acrylic Vanity Tops: Formed from a durable acrylic sheet. This heat forms an exact mould, and is then back filled with a heavy compound. Acrylic tops come in a wide range of sizes from 600mm - 1800mm, and are highly durable and non porous. These tops do not have an overflow, and are susceptible to heat damage. 


Ceramic Vanity Tops: Ceramic vanity tops and basins use porcelain ceramic moulding techniques for a classic and traditional finish. These tops come with an integrated overflow on selected styles, and are heat resistant and easy to maintain. These tops are susceptible to cracking on impact. 


Polymarble/Cast Marble Vanity Tops: Moulded using heavy polymer resin mixed with a crushed marble. They are then coated with a durable gloss or matte gel coat. These tops have a consistent surface with minimal imperfections, and are highly durable and stain resistant. They are also easy to repair if scratched or chipped. 

Solid Surface Vanity Tops: This includes Timberline’s SilkSurface, ADP’s Cherry Pie, and Marquis’ Symphony benchtops. Solid Surface Tops are made from a durable mix of high performance 100% acrylic resins. These tops are non porous, very easy to repair if scratched, can be drilled onsite, and can be made to any size.


Timberline SilkSurface: Manufactured using a special multi-process technique, these solid surfaces have a beautiful blend of colours with a realistic natural appearance. Tops made from our SilkSurface range are high performance 20mm acrylic solid surfaces.


Silk surface may be substituted for equivalent colours if required. SilkSurface is a manmade stone slab with an acrylic resin base. As each slab is individual, natural variation in graining and colouring is to be expected. While the colours on the website are to the highest standard, it should only be used as an indication of actual product design.


ADP Cherry Pie: A premium solid surface. Cherry Pie is made from a durable mix of high performance 100% acrylic resins. It comes in a variety of colours and has a realistic natural stone appearance (where applicable).


ADP Friday Hybrid Quartz: Friday™ is manufactured with 93% natural quartz and 7% high-performance acrylic resin. It has a natural stone appearance with added strength and durability.


Marquis Symphony: A modified acrylic solid surface material that is composed of resins, polymers and natural materials. The colour runs all the way through the top and is a sanitary grade material, meaning it is safe for use in wet areas. It is repairable and able to be cut with standard woodworking tools, unlike stone products.


Caesarstone: A classic and natural look! Caesarstone® is a 20mm thick engineered stone product that has all the timeless beauty of the natural stone. Manufactured with 93% natural quartz the durable surface is a practical, easy to clean, hard-wearing option.

Dekton: Dekton is a blend of raw and recycled materials that are subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures and then crafted into sheets of material used for benchtops and surfaces throughout the home, including the bathroom. This ultracompact surface is exceptionally hard, able to withstand 400 degrees centigrade without damage and has zero porosity making it perfect for bathrooms!

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