What is a Tiles On Reno?

What is a Tiles On Reno?

A tile on reno is when you don't rip out the entire bathroom,
but you update different fixtures and fittings in the space to
give it a cost-effective refresh.


When should you consider tiles on reno?

  • You have a smaller budget to work with
  • You don't need to replace the tiles
  • You are happy with the layout and function

Our top tips for a tiles on reno:

  • Keep your plumbing in the same place to save money
  • Update your vanity and mirror
  • Update your tapware and existing accessories
  • Upgrade your shower to a compact twin shower (it uses the same outlet as your previous shower BUT gives you 2
    shower heads)
  • Replace your toilet (only if your old one is outdated)
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