What products do I need for the rough in stage of my bathroom?

For a bathroom rough-in, which refers to the initial phase of plumbing installation before the walls are lined, waterproofed and the finishing touches are added, you will typically need the following bathroom products:

  • Toilet: For rough-in, the plumber will need to know the required position of the toilet's waste outlet and water inlet. Having your toilet on site for rough-in is ideal, as it is needed for proper plumbing installation. In some cases, the specs can be used for this; however, for any in-wall cistern 'Invisi Toilet', the toilet will be needed on site for rough-in. 

Make sure to always confirm with your plumber what water inlet and trap type is needed for your toilet, as the correct inlet/trap type is essential for your space and can not be changed. 


  • Bathtub: Depending on the bathroom design and type of bathtub, the plumber may want to install this during the rough-in stage to ensure proper drainage and plumbing connections. Typically this would be for a 'Drop in or Built-in bath'; however, it is best to consult with your plumber to see if he will want the bath on site for rough-in. 


  • Wall Taps, Mixers & Rough-in Valves: Any wall mixers such as a 'shower mixer, wall taps or wall/basin bath mixer' will be needed for rough-in. Rough-in valves, such as mixing valves or pressure-balancing valves, are installed during the rough-in phase for proper water control and temperature regulation in showers or tubs. 

  • Floor Wastes: Floor wastes will be needed prior to rough-in so the tiling can be completed 

It's important to consult a qualified plumber or contractor during the rough-in stage. They can ensure proper installation and adherence to plumbing standards.

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