How Durable is a Turner Hastings Matte Black Fine Fireclay Sink?

We are often asked, how durable are the matte black fine fireclay sinks. There is a perception that if they were to be scratched, you would see the white fireclay under the surface.

In fact, our matte black glazing is highly durable, as the colour is sprayed onto the sink prior to it being fired at very high temperatures (in excess of 1200˚C) in the kiln. This means the colour is fused into the clay which makes it impossible to scratch any black glaze off.

Furthermore, our sinks are stain and chemical-resistant, making them more hygienic than most sinks on the market.

 What about the colour fading in the sun?

Colour glazing is done before the products are fired. For this reason, matte black has exactly the same features as gloss white products, therefore they are UV stable and therefore cannot be affected by sunlight.



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