Can all lights be operated with home automation?

Unfortunately not. To ensure your lights can be operated remotely via smart home automation, you will need to check your lamp and switches and assess whether it's compatible to be made "smart". If you did not purchase your lights with the intention for them to be remotely controlled, chances are they will probably not have the capabilities at this moment.

To upgrade your current fixtures to have smart home automation, here are two options that can seamlessly transform your current set-up.

1. Smart bulbs - Compatible only with fixtures that require bulbs. Replace your light bulbs and globes with smart globes/bulbs so that they can be remote-controlled individually. This option is DIY-friendly as the installation is as simple as screwing in a light bulb and syncing with the smart app. No electrician is required.

2. Smart Switches - Compatible with existing light fixtures that may not accommodate smart bulbs (such as integrated LED fixtures). This option allows you to control the light naturally from the wall switch and also remotely via App. This option requires installation by a licensed electrician.

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