What to look for when buying new lights?

You should always buy from reputable Australian brands for trusted warranty and quality. This also ensures that the fixtures are compliant with Australian standards and safe to use in the home.

When buying lights, you should always consider the space you are lighting. You should first consider what existing lighting you have(if any)and also the intended function of the light you are looking to add.

Does it need to be adjustable, have a particular brightness, or have a certain colour temperature?

Refer to our Light Layering Guide and ask yourself if it is for general, accent or task lighting? This will dictate the type of light you are after. Once you have pinpointed your needs, it is important to measure out the size you require for the fixture. E.g if you are looking for a linear pendant over a table or bench, you would not want there to be any overhang from the pendant. To avoid this, you should measure to know the max size pendant you can shop for. Lastly, you can consider what you would like the light to look like, the shape and finish, e.g is it a statement pendant or a subtle accent strip light.

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