How high should a spout be installed away from a basin?

While there is no 'correct height' per se, we usually recommend around 100mm - 150mm from the highest point of the basin to the lowest point of the spout, as this should allow enough room for getting your hands under without being so high that it causes excess splashing.


The closer the spout is to the basin, the more likely it is for splashing to remain contained within the basin walls; however, it can limit functionality - like bending to wash your face, for example.


Another thing to be mindful of is the length of the lever. If wall-mounted tapware with a downward-facing lever is installed too low, the lever may hit the basin before operating fully. Upwards levers are available if this is an issue. In short, the whole design needs to be considered, but you are usually safe with 100mm – 150mm.


*Please note we always recommend checking the product and product specs with your plumber/builder to ensure the product will work in your space.

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