What are the different types of door handles, and what function do they serve?   

Selecting the right door hardware for your home:


Entrance Set

Generally used for external doors or high-security situations. They require a key to unlock externally and an option of a key or a snib internally. Typical applications are entrance doors, back doors, garage access, store rooms & sheds.


Dummy Handles 

This is a fixed lever which is used with a door catch or door magnets. Typically used on wardrobe & closet doors, pantries and linen cupboards. Some dummy handles require handing to be specified, this means you choose between left-hand and right-hand handles. 


Passage Handles 

Generally used internally for doors you don’t want to lock. These handles come with the latch. Typical applications are bedrooms, living areas, laundry & walk-in robe’s


Privacy Handles 

Used for internal doors that require locking. They have a snib or push button internally and an emergency release function externally. Typical situations are bathrooms, powder rooms, master bedrooms & offices.


Cabinet Handles 

Fixed handles that are used for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, wardrobes and drawers alike. A huge range of finishes, styles and shapes, all very DIY friendly. 

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