Are tiles slippery?

There is no such thing as a non slip tile. There are many factors that contribute to a slip and fall, for example, the overall building design, contaminates on the tiles, was the person running, walking, limping, were they children or elderly etc.

Ceramic tiles are rated according to their contribution to the risk of a slip or fall. It is therefore recommended that you seek advice from the retailer as to the suitability of a particular tile for its intended use.

The application and use of ceramic tiles is beyond the control of the supplier and it is therefore the end-users responsibility to manage the risk of slips and falls. Some simple actions you can take in managing the risk of slips and falls are the placements of floor mats in entry ways and wet area floors, strategic placement of handrails for the elderly and regular cleaning of pedestrian areas to prevent a build up of everyday contaminants.

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