How to calculate the amount of tiles you need?

How to calculate the amount of tiles you need
What you will need: Measuring tape, pen & paper to take down your measurements
1. Measure the area you are planning to tile:
Walls: measure the width of the wall from left to right and the length of the wall from top down. Take down the measurements in metres.
Floors: measure the room length and width. Take down the measurements in metres.
2. Working out your measurements:
To calculate the square meterage of your wall or floors area, multiply the length and width you have recorded. E.g the wall measures 4m long x 3m wide, 4x3 = 12 square metres.
Do this for each floor or wall that you want tiled and combine the total together. If you want to work with different tiles in a room keep the measurements separate. 
3. Ordering on the Bluespace website:
Now that you have your square meterage, simply go to your desired tile page. Select from the dropdown menu, your required square meterage and add to cart. 
We automatically add 15% wastage to factor in any cuts, waste or breaks that may happen on the job. It is important to factor this in and have more tiles than not, as there can be variation from batch to batch in production if you need to place another order for additional tiles.
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