How to Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your Bathroom

Tiles. Seen one, seen ‘em all, right? Not quite. There is much more to tile choice than just choosing size and colour. The fact is, your tiles will be — in terms of pure surface area — the dominant element in terms of colour and texture that will set the style direction for, or lay the backdrop on which to add your personal style to your bathroom, kitchen & laundry. Tiles add an element of personality throughout a room and can create cohesion throughout the rest of your home.

Tiles will be the prevailing or statement colour and tone to set the style direction of your bathroom no matter how you use them; for example, you may choose to use them as a style statement by picking tiles with bold colours or patterns, or you may choose to use them to be a crisp, stunning neutral canvas and background on which to add your personality to your new bathroom through bold style choice of accessorieslightingvanity, etc. Choosing the right tile to suit your space, taste and budget is critical; you have to look at it every day, so you want to get it right!

Choosing the right tiles for your room

Bathroom: In the bathroom, decide whether you want to make a feature out of your tiles or whether they will be a constant throughout the room. Mix & match colours/patterns to create a two toned look sure to impress.

Kitchen: A kitchen splashback again can be the feature statement of your home or simple and clean. Opt for a smooth tile in a gloss finish to ensure you can easily clean these as they will most likely get dirty!

Laundry: Much like a bathroom, the options are endless. Consider your floor tiles matching your wall tiles, or create a statement with different shapes or colours.

Outdoors: Outdoor tiles are an important decision and should work in line with the overall look & feel of your home - inside & out. Large tiles are an impressive addition to the floor while a subway tile is perfect as a splashback for an outdoor kitchen.

Key Considerations

1. Quality

All tiles are not created equal, so ensuring you choose a quality tile is paramount. Even if a quality tile is a little more expensive, the cost will pay off in the long-run, in terms of durability and wear. Let’s face it, we don’t redo our bathrooms or kitchen every year, so you want tiles to last the distance in terms of wear, durability and finish.

2. Colour/Tone

As your tiles take up most surface area in your bathroom, choosing a neutral or non-dominant colour is a good approach. Continuing this colour or tone on both the floor and walls will help make the room look more spacious and provides a clean canvas on which to make your style statements pop. Neutral tones create a great backdrop to add splashes of style and colour on top of, through your use of other fitting choices, and is a good idea in terms of keeping your bathroom looking modern and timeless for longer. Picked the perfect tile? Use our handy Shop by Colour tool to find which fixtures & fittings will best compliment your choice.

3. Type of Tile

Size does matter! If you are trying to create an expansive feel, to make it feel larger choose large tiles and use them on both the floor and walls. Smaller tiles like mosaic tiles can work well in small areas like shower niches, (in a different colour or tone for a style statement, if you so choose), and small square tiles can work well if you are trying to create a more old world, traditional look in your bathroom. Rectangular ‘Subway’ tiles are currently also a popular favourite that oozes contemporary style, and mostly they are either laid horizontally or vertically. Subway tiles are a perfect addition to the kitchen & laundry. Have a look at all tiles in our Tiles collection.

4. Wall & Floor Tiles

Tiles are tiles, right? Not always. While you can usually use floor tiles on the walls, the reverse is not the case. Wall and floor tiles differ in thickness and durability, because their intended function is different, so using wall tiles on the floor is destined for disaster and tears. While a good tiler will pick this up, this is important to know before you order your tiles.

5. Patterned Tiles: Yay or Nay?

When executed well, patterned tiles can be extremely effective and a standout statement in your bathroom. When used badly, it doesn’t bear thinking about! Using a patterned tile in your bathroom is a bold choice, and is not for everyone. You can use a pattern and still stick to a monochromatic (like black and white floor tiles, with a neutral wall tile that tones in) or neutral palette, so you have more play in your style additions, like accessories. Pattern only one area, like the floor, but not the walls.

Tile FAQs

Can tiles be painted?

Ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles are good tiles to be painted, however, they will need to be sanded & primed first. Tiles that are often exposed to water however will have more chance of fading or peeling.

Should tiles be vertical or horizontal?

This one comes down to personal preference! For some styles, such as subway tiles, a horizontal placment is most common and offers a chic finish to a space.

How do I tile on a budget?

While wall to floor tiles may be nice, they can also be expensive. Consider tiling only a block within your room such as the shower or above the vanity. This is an affordable option that will still look classic & is practical.



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