Will my tiles have variation (V-Ratings)?

The different variations create style and design throughout all tiles, these features can be the main focus of the product and be the element that catches everyone's eye.

The homeowner and those who hold specification responsibilities have individual personal

tastes, aesthetics, and decorating needs. Consequently, it is important that all involved parties consult with the installing contractors to discuss aesthetic considerations. Tiles may vary in colour, texture, or appearance according to the manufacturer's design for that particular tile series or product line.


V1 - Uniform Appearance

Uniform tiles have a generally uniform appearance with minimal difference from tile to tile. Some colour differences can be observed.

V2 - Slight Variation

Tiles with slight variation are similarly coloured with variations in texture
and, or pattern, which are clearly distinguishable.


V3 - Moderate Variation

Tiles with moderate variation increase when the tiles are installed in large quantities. These tiles create an overall difference when they're laid next to each other. The finish and texture will be most noticeable once laid. Consequently, the range should be viewed before selection and a mock layout be made.

V4 - Substantial Variation

Tiles with substantial variation have random colours and textures from tile to tile. The final installation of such tiles will be unique and should therefore be viewed before selection and a mock layout be made.


Although categories V3 and V4 rated tiles have the greatest variance, all of the categories above have some range differences; consequently, they should be checked before installation.

Ceramic tiles should also be selected from several cartons randomly and laid with the bisque logo, and/or arrow, facing the same direction to best avoid aesthetic issues.

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