Tile Classifications/Wear Rating:

Tile classifications have taken into account the recommendations of the Australian Standards; however, they are given for general guidance only. They are valid for the given application under NORMAL CONDITIONS and should not be taken to provide accurate product specifications for specific requirements.


Please note: Other standards and building code requirements may affect your selection of tiles.
Consideration should be given to the footwear, type of pedestrian traffic and cleaning methods expected.

Floors should be adequately protected against soiling from following trades during installation; they should also be protected against scratching dirt at the entrances to buildings by interposing footwear cleaning devices—for example, mats, shoe scrapers, static devices, etc.


The Classifications can be found on tile product pages throughout the site.

Classification Application
Category 0 Tiles in this class are not recommended for use on floors.
Category 1 Floor coverings in areas that are walked on with soft soled footwear or bare feet without scratching dirt. Eg. residential en-suite bathrooms without direct access from the outside.
Category 2 Floor coverings in areas that are walked on with soft-soled or normal footwear with, at the most, occasional small amounts of scratching dirt. Eg. main bathrooms, bedrooms with the exception of those areas that experience heavy pedestrian traffic, ie. work boots, stilettos, and outdoor shoes.
Category 3 Floor coverings in areas that, with normal footwear, are walked on more often with small amounts of scratching dirt. Eg. living areas, bedrooms, residential kitchens, laundries with internal access, halls and corridors. This does not apply to abnormal footwear, ie. work boots and outdoor shoes.
Category 4 Floor coverings that are walked on by regular traffic with some scratching dirt so that conditions are more severe than Category 3. Eg. entrances, laundries with external access, living areas, entertainment areas, patio’s, sales rooms, motels.
Category 5 Floor coverings that are subject to severe pedestrian traffic over sustained periods with some scratching dirt, so that the conditions are the most severe for which tiles may be suitable. Eg. shops, foyers and some light industrial applications.
Category 6 Floor coverings that are subject to extreme heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic and substantial quantities of scratching dirt. Eg. workshops, commercial kitchens and restaurants, railway platforms, footpaths.




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